The Fuller Center for Housing of Lorain County

The Fuller Center (FCH) for Housing is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing. By forming partnerships with local organizations, the Fuller Center for Housing provides the structure, guidance and support that communities need to build and repair homes.

Here in Lorain County the FCH is taking a two pronged attack. First we have our Home program to provide those in need of a simple adequate home with a zero percent interest mortgage. We do not give these houses away but sell them to the homeowners. This is not a hand out, it’s a hand up. New homeowners are required to put in sweat equity hours as part of their contract with FCH. More information can be found here.

Our second front is the Greater Blessings Program. Under the umbrella of this program FCH will renovate and/or repair homes for qualified families. FCH will arrange repayment terms with each family on an individual basis. More information can be found here. The application is here.

The Lorain County FCH is always looking for churches, organizations and individuals to sponsor and help finance our projects. Volunteer labor, both skilled and unskilled, are welcome as well as skilled construction workers and contractors to donate their services. By pooling the talent and resources of the county the FCH can become a viable and important member of our community.










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